Crochet Hot Water Bottle Cover

A post in my Facebook thread made me think of this, and after some searching on the internet I came to the conclusion that it was a case of make it up and see what happens.

So last night I sat and came up with a cover – now I’m not happy with either the colours or the style totally but I was happy that I could make it up as I went along.  Child number two of course was happy that his hot water bottle has a new cover.

Next time I will link the granny squares with a single crochet and do the sides in single crochet as well to make it less likely to burn. Maybe create loops for the buttons to go in and shape the top of it better.


Crochet Prayer Shawl


After an older Teta (grandmother) friend lost her husband I wanted to create a shawl for her just so she knew we hadn’t forgotten her although we don’t always get to see her.  So a search on the internet later and I had my inspiration, didn’t have to change much either so I was happy.

Keep Calm and Crochet On UK had the perfect shawl, Margaret’s Hug. http://

Now I’m still pretty new to crochet so thankfully a youtube tutorial by the same lady helped me figure out the written instructions.  

Now I made a couple of changes. Instead of crocheting 2 threads of wool I did one as it was variegated wool I had choosen.  Also I have no clue as to what double knit yarn looks like and my local wool shop’s yarn is all written in Turkish so I took a guess and choose a thicker looking yarn.  After I trialed a couple of rows I decided the wool I was working with was not thick enough for a 7mm hook so I changed down to a 6.5mm. Finally as the Teta I was doing it for is a true little grandma I didn’t do the full 40 rows choosing instead to do just 35.

Personally I’m really pleased with how it turned out.  Now I have another one to do for another Teta who lost her husband just a few months ago.

Lavender Sachets

Today I have been making a collection of sachets from lavender gathered in the summer at a girls orphanage in the Lebanese mountains.

As a child I remember them in my drawers made most likely by my mother from lavender either from our garden or my aunts.

A simple project that requires little skill but some time.  Cutting material into the shape you want – circle, square, or rectangle – ensure you have two pieces for each bag.

If you want to pretty it up with lace sew it onto one side before you sew the two pieces together, remembering to leave a gap to turn it the right side out.  I don’t bother clipping curves or corners in this project – they are simple and homemade – but you could.  I added a ribbon to hang them from coat hangers.  Granny Mary loved to hang hers in the wardrobes as well.

Once turned add lavender.  Easiest way I have found is to insert a funnel in the hole and shake in the lavender.  Then hand-stitch the hole closed and enjoy the smell of summer among your clothes.

This little beauty and others are going back to the orphanage to raise funds for them.  My agreement with them I got some lavender they got sachets from me to sell.

Why – justliketeta?

Just like Teta came about following the death of my grandmother in January 2015.  We were separated by half the world for almost 25 years of my life but she taught me so much during my childhood that I had to honor her in some way following her death.

As a way of processing my grief following her death I taught myself to crochet.  She never crocheted as far as I know but she was always knitting but for me knitting would have been too difficult at that time.  I had wanted to learn to crochet for a number of years but had never really sat down and worked at it.  So as a memorial to her and her love for wool I finally figured it out.

As I worked on a number of small dolls blankets to begin with I realized that most of the crafts I do I was taught by some Grandmother figure at some point in my life so the idea for “justliketeta” was born.

Why “teta” and not Gran, Granny, Granma and the like.  Well Teta is the Lebanese word for Grandmother and I just so happen to have 4 Lebanese born and breed children although I myself only became Lebanese on my marriage.

My plan is to document some of the things that I do that are just like Teta be they cooking, crafting or different tips that I have picked up from the different Tetas in my life and the life of my children.