Crochet Prayer Shawl


After an older Teta (grandmother) friend lost her husband I wanted to create a shawl for her just so she knew we hadn’t forgotten her although we don’t always get to see her.  So a search on the internet later and I had my inspiration, didn’t have to change much either so I was happy.

Keep Calm and Crochet On UK had the perfect shawl, Margaret’s Hug. http://

Now I’m still pretty new to crochet so thankfully a youtube tutorial by the same lady helped me figure out the written instructions.  

Now I made a couple of changes. Instead of crocheting 2 threads of wool I did one as it was variegated wool I had choosen.  Also I have no clue as to what double knit yarn looks like and my local wool shop’s yarn is all written in Turkish so I took a guess and choose a thicker looking yarn.  After I trialed a couple of rows I decided the wool I was working with was not thick enough for a 7mm hook so I changed down to a 6.5mm. Finally as the Teta I was doing it for is a true little grandma I didn’t do the full 40 rows choosing instead to do just 35.

Personally I’m really pleased with how it turned out.  Now I have another one to do for another Teta who lost her husband just a few months ago.

One comment

  1. Keep Calm and Crochet On UK · January 16, 2016

    Your finished shawl is really beautiful, I’m sure it will be loved. Thank you for sharing your story ❤


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